In-Depth System Assessment: Why Your Custom Software Could Benefit from It

In-Depth System Assessment: Why Your Custom Software Could Benefit from It

In today’s business landscape, software plays a pivotal role across industries, influencing operations in various capacities. It has transformed business practices, playing a key role in driving growth and achieving success. Whether you’re a business owner or considering acquiring a business with custom software assets, there may arise a need for an independent and thorough system evaluation to ensure optimal performance.

What is a comprehensive system evaluation?

A Comprehensive System Evaluation, as offered by Increments Inc., entails a meticulous examination of a software application or system. This assessment delves deeply into critical facets of the application, such as its architecture, security measures, performance metrics, scalability, and adherence to relevant industry standards.

When is a system evaluation needed?

In many cases, an evaluation becomes necessary when there’s a change in business ownership, shifts in market conditions or operational processes, or challenges arise in the relationship with associated software vendors. Moreover, projects aimed at developing custom software may encounter delays or face potential failure.

If you find that your existing technology is failing to meet the demands of your business, the initial step is to undertake a system evaluation with Increments Inc. to realign your software assets for optimal performance.

What is the process for a system evaluation?

With Increments Inc.’s assistance, our consultants will gather the available artifacts linked to your software, which may consist of:

– Source code
– Source code history
– Existing diagrams
– Infrastructure/environments
– Other documentation
– Interviews with involved parties, when feasible


In our experience, most software systems lack an ideal set of associated artifacts. Therefore, if you don’t possess the source code or anything beyond it, there’s no need to worry. While access to comprehensive software system artifacts is optimal, our team can conduct a thorough evaluation with the information at hand.


Using the available artifacts, we will:

– Establish a comprehensive view of the architecture, including reconstructing architectural diagrams using a consistent notation.
– Evaluate critical code quality and maintainability attributes.
– Develop a prioritized list of issues, risks, and necessary improvements, along with recommended strategies for success.
– Gain insights into the process of implementing ideas, features, and fixes into code and presenting them to users.
– Assess the developer experience within your systems, including ease of setup and productivity.
– Verify the presence of basic security measures.
– Understand the delivery process by scrutinizing DevOps methodologies, including evaluating continuous integration and continuous delivery tools and practices, as well as infrastructure management maturity.


Throughout the evaluation, we will also examine the user experience and identify any potential areas causing frustration or confusion for application users.

Make Your Software Work for You

The system evaluation conducted by Increments Inc. offers an impartial assessment of software assets – highlighting areas for change, identifying elements that should remain unchanged, and proposing tangible enhancements where needed. The primary aim of this evaluation is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your software system. Additionally, our team will suggest specific, actionable improvements to cultivate a dependable software system, ultimately fostering the growth and success of your business.


Leveraging our extensive experience in system evaluations, our team at Increments Inc. is well-equipped to help you identify and overcome any obstacles hindering your application’s progress. Through a collaborative approach, we will closely collaborate with your team to tailor the evaluation to your unique requirements and ensure alignment with your business objectives.

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